Cold Brew Coffee Trial

I started cold brewing some coffee tonight. Let's call it a Cold Brew Coffee Trial. I don't know that I've ever had coffee that has been cold brewed. 

I recently stumbled upon this video by MOD on YouTube. It is an interesting channel, and I gave it a watch. I didn't personally feel the need to actually make the bag like he did in the video (which is strange...I seem to feel compelled to make everything else myself recently.), but I wanted to try this method nonetheless. 

After seeing his video, that sent me down a rabbit hole of videos about cold brewing coffee and different recipes for the finished beverage, most notably this one by the YouTube channel, Jamie Oliver's Drink Tube. He has a passion for cold brew coffee like I have rarely seen in anyone else (in my short research of the subject).

I already had the quart mason jars and the coffee (going back to the MOD video, and the method they used). All I needed were some muslin or cheesecloth bags. I found some for about $3 on Amazon, and decided to give them a try. When they showed up today, they were much MUCH smaller than I anticipated. No worries though...there are 4 of them, so I would just use more than one to get the desired result. 

I put coffee into 3 of the muslin bags, and cinched the drawstrings on them. It was suggested that you use about 3 ounces of coffee for a 32 ounch container (quart mason jar). I don't have a kitchen scale that can measure that fine of a particulate, so I just decided to guess at it. I hope it still turns out right. 

I then filled the quart mason jar with water. Yes, I used tap water. We have pretty good water here (I'm picky about tastes and smells), so I thought I would try it out. Everyone pretty much tells you the same thing; don't muddle the coffee grounds. That will bring out the acid in them. In fact, that's the reason most people make cold brew is much easier on their stomach. It has a much smoother and more chocolatey taste than coffee that is brewed hot. 

One misconception about cold brew coffee is that you must drink it over ice. Most people think this (I admit, I thought that too...had no knowledge of it), but some people just put some hot water with the coffee concentrate you're left with after this process and then they have a cup of hot coffee. Interesting, isn't it?

I can't wait to see how my little Cold Brew Coffee Trial turns out. Have you ever tried to cold brew coffee? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below. 

Bruce A. Ulrich2 Comments