DIY Wood Plank Wall


Walls are all around us, and a simple change to a wall can change the entire mood of a house. My sister has lived in this house for over 6 years now, and she thought it was time for a change. She wanted a wood plank accent wall to change the look of her entrance, so I told her I could help her with that. 


Take a look at the video of us putting up this DIY wood plank wall. It is really pretty straight forward, but maybe watching it will demystify some of the process for you:


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Air compressor -
Brad nail gun -
Level -
Miter saw -
Jigsaw -


This DIY plank wall turned out great...maybe even better than I thought it would. It really helped to have all of the wood already stained and ready to go. My sister had picked up the wood the previous week and she and her son stained it using the Minwax Provincial stain. This is a good choice if you like some lighter tones as well as darker tones. Some of the knots and other parts really take the stain well, where others kind of resist the stain. It gives it a great look. To see the shiplap treatment I did on some other walls in the house, click here.

The installation of this wall took about a half a day. That is working pretty fast and with the wood already stained, as mentioned above. In total, this accent wall was done for about $150, including the nails, stain and wood material. I'd say that's pretty inexpensive for something that changes the entrance to your home significantly. The best part is my sister is very pleased with how it turned out, so that makes me happy. 

Are you doing to try this out on a wall or two in your home? If you do, tag me on Instagram @Brudaddy. I'd love to see it! Let me know what you think or any questions you may have in the comments below.