Dole Out November

This past weekend, I had the chance to shoot a family that I've been photographing for over 5 years. When I think back throughout the years, I really cannot believe that they are as old as they are not. It seems like just yesterday, they were babies. 

I have not scheduled many portrait sessions this fall season. In the past, it is usually a very busy time for me with photography. I have to work at it, reminding people to setup times. This year, I was just very busy with some other things, and still getting things just the way we like it at the new house. 

We headed up to the Natchez Trace for our Saturday morning photo shoot. It was cool in the shade, but in the sun, it was downright pleasant. We all joked that it was possibly the only time over the many years that it was not freezing cold. One year, there was still snow on the ground when we shot the photos. 

These girls depend on and love one another. That much is evident from watching them for just a moment. What a reflection on how Jeremiah and Jaime have raised them. It is refreshing to see. 

2014.11.22 Dole Family Web Retouched 25.jpg
2014.11.22 Dole Family Web Retouched 41.jpg
2014.11.22 Dole Family Web Retouched 43.jpg