Fresh New Look

A while back, I started wanting a fresh, new look for my photography website and brand. So, the search began. I started looking a tons of Wordpress sites and themes to decide if that way the way to go or not.

I wanted to keep using my previous hose, but some of the functionality of the site had become outdated, and was just cumbersome. I had gotten to where I would not tell anyone about my website or send anyone there. Why have a website if I'm not going to refer people to it? That just didn't make sense.  

More specifically, the print lab that was connected automatically to my other site to fulfill the orders had really dropped the ball. Last fall, I photographed a wedding and ordered a ton of prints. I had ordered from this professional lab for years, and with no issues. The prints always came out great. Always. Until they didn't. I received the prints, and it is a good thing I had them shipped to me before the clients saw them, because they were not good. There were striated lines all over them, where "there was not enough data for the printers to print." That's the line I was fed anyway. 

Long story short, I fought with them back and forth for weeks, with no resolve. I even took the files to Walgreens and did some instaprints, and they CAME OUT BETTER! This is just unheard of...a professional print lab cannot yield better prints than Walgreens? Shameful.  

Anyway, my clients were accommodating about the delay of the prints. And I helped them out by giving them some large, free prints as a thank you. 

I now have a new print lab, a new website and I'm ready for the rest of 2014. Feel free to add my blog to your Feedly or whatever you use to keep up with blogs. And be sure to let me know when you need photos next. 

Until next time...