How To Make Your Own Gear Ties

I make my own gear ties for use around the house. They come in very handy for cord management or even using in the shop for extension cord organization. Watch my video about how to make them, and keep reading for even more details.


Below is a list of tools and supplies you will need to make these: (affiliate links)




12ga aluminum wire

10ga aluminum wire

Diagonal Cutters


The idea for these handmade gear ties came from a friend of mine when he showed me an Instructables article he had seen. I took a look and wanted to make some of my own. I find myself using them all over the place. Just when I think I have made enough to supply every need we have, I find more places I can use them. I even used one of them, bent into kind of an "S" shape to hand over the shower head, and the other side to hold my wife's razor. It fits perfectly there, out of the way, and easy to access. 


1. Determine the length you want your gear tie to be. Cut the aluminum wire to that length. 

2. Measure your paracord against your aluminum you just cut. Be sure to leave an extra 1/2" on either side for extra room.

3. Pull the strings out of the inside of the paracord, leaving only the sheath. 

4. Take your lighter, and burn one end. Then, smash that end shut. NOTE: I like to use the scissors against the diagonal cutters to get a nice, flat spot. That way, the wire won't be able to slip out of the end. 

5. Insert the wire into the paracord sheath. Push it all the way down, removing any slack. I have found they are not as easy to use if they have slack in them, because the wire can slip around inside. 

6. Once you have all of the slack removed, hold where the wire ends and trim the paracord just past that with the scissors. Be sure to allow enough room to melt the final end of the paracord. 

7. Enjoy your more organized life using handmade gear ties!

Let me know in the comments below if you try these out and for what things you use them. I am always interested to learn new ways to use things that I make. 

Bruce A. Ulrich2 Comments