Labor Day: A Last Summer Hurrah

This past weekend, we visited with family, fished in a pond, played in the yard, threw the football, rode in the back of a truck, worked on the pier, played with cousins, listened to the rain and snuggled in the bed all together. It was a good Labor Day weekend. 

I caught a huge (for me) bass and Alan helped me reel it in. It was about 6lbs. We laid some astroturf on Papaw's deck. He got this from Madison-Ridgeland Academy when they replaced their turf this year. For some reason, he really wanted it on the deck. The material gets really hot in the sunshine, so I'm not sure how long he will keep it on there. 

After a quick visit to some family, Rebecca and I came home and took to organizing (yet again) our house. We wanted things to run even more smoothly. We feel as though we lose a good hour each night to just picking up toys and putting the house back together. We wanted processes like the kids' nightly baths and routines in the mornings to be even easier, so we cleaned out some clutter. We organized the kids' rooms and removed some toys that have been neglected. We will bring them back out at a later date, but this helps them play with the things left in their rooms better, rather than just getting part of this toy out and part of that toy. 

Bruce A. UlrichComment