Lintons Year One

Just a short time ago, these two crazy kids were getting hitched, on the beach of all places. What a beautiful destination that was. I must clarify though, that when I say short time, it has really been a year. 

Joseph and Regan have relocated (well, just Joseph really, as she always was in Hattiesburg) southward, striking out on their new life together. They contacted me a few weeks ago, wanting to take some photos for their one year anniversary. Their actual anniversary is not for another couple of weeks, but upon consulting our schedules, this was the time that we were all available.

As you will see from the photos, Joseph still looks at her with the utmost respect and love. The comfort level these two have for each other rivals that of a couple that has been married for ten years, not one. It is so evident that they belong together. I'm sure everyone that sees them comes to the same conclusion.

I enjoyed hanging out with them a year later. Congrats on one year, you two! I know you will have many, many more happy years in the future! 

Bruce A. UlrichComment