Nearly a Decade

This was a letter I wrote to my wife, Rebecca,  on our 9th wedding anniversary. She agreed that I could share it here:

It has been nearly a decade that I've lived with you. I've shared in the struggles that you've gone through, and the joys that you've experienced. I've been a part of the learning experiences and the times of relaxation. 

Yet, we've stayed together.

I've held your hand through the labor of childbirth, twice. I've helped you cope with crying babies and complaining toddlers, many more times than I can count.

Yet, we've stayed together. 

We have flaws between us that often get in the way. They are more obvious at some times than others, but we get around them. We also have some very beautiful parts about us. We fit together in ways that words cannot describe. Not necessarily in the "finishing each other's sentences" kind of way, but complimentary nonetheless.

We've stayed together

We have two beautiful children who reflect the best in us. Yes, they also reflect the worst in us, and there are times when we don't know how to handle their behavior.

Yet, we've stayed together.

We have been married for 9 years today, but we have been together for 10. I could not picture where we are today 10 years ago when we dated. I knew I wanted to spend my life with you, but just didn't know what that would entail. Well, now I know, and I am perfectly fine with it. Nay, I'm great with it. 

I love our life together. All of the wins. All of the chaos. All of the emotion...everything is better with you.