I have been neglecting the blog recently, and for that, I'm sorry. That is, if anyone is reading this. It could be said that I just don't have much time leftover at the end of the day. That would totally be true. Or it could be said that I didn't feel my blog posts were "important" enough and "focused" enough on photography to merit posting. 

Bollocks. (No, I'm not British.)

That's what I have to say. This is my blog. This is my domain. This is my spot to write. And it benefits me to write things...always has. 

I hope you will renew my blog in your feedly or whatever you use. I plan to write more. It might be about photography one day (since I do love it, I usually incorporate some kind of photos into my posts). It might be something philosophical the next time I write. It might even be some project I'm in the middle of, making something. That's ok too. This is not just a photography blog. There is room for all of that. 

Until next time...

Bruce A. UlrichComment