A Prolonged Platform

The saga continues.

I am still not done with Anne Marie's bed.

She is now sleeping on her new mattress. It arrived this past Thursday and we unrolled it (that's right, it came rolled up in a duffle bag. Keep an eye out for a post about that very soon...it was shipped straight to our door, rolled up!). It said it needed to sit for at least 48 hours to regain its shape, so today was the first day she could actually sleep on it.

We recently got her a new bedding set. It is very nice looking, but I'm afraid it will not last very long. However, it was a clearance item, so the price is right. 

Oh, and did I mention that she LOVES it? This is the first time she has had a "big girl bed." We called her crib mattress on the floor a "big girl bed" to kind of play it up, but that was about a year and a half ago. Now, it really is a "big girl bed." It is an actual twin bed. 

Anyway, I had hoped to be able to put some finish on the entire bed yesterday. I had a measurement that was not quite right on the front part of the platform. To correct it, I tried to use my circular saw. That didn't go to well, since I was only trimming off 1/8" on either side. 

Yesterday, I got all of the finish applied (not the top clear coat, just stain and paint), and then sanded the whole thing. I'll have to show some photos later of that stage. The below photos are of the top frame and the bottom one. I screwed the two together and we called it a day. Oh, and you can see how the legs turned out from my post about cutting them out the other. 

Until then...