My Own Two Legs

While brainstorming about the design of Anne Marie's bed, I focused pretty heavily on the legs of the bed. I wanted them to be unique, but not spend a lot of them. I wanted to stand on my own two legs....well, I wanted to build my own four legs for this bed. 

I took a couple of 2x4's that I had, jointed one side, and trimmed the other side parallel. Then, I glued two of them together to make one leg post. I repeated these steps to make another. When the glue was dry, there was a decent amount of squeeze-out at the joints. The easiest way to get rid of this leftover glue is to trim the boards ever so slightly, removing all of the glue residue. 

I ended up with  a post that was 3" square. It came out even nicer looking than I thought it would. I could have possibly had one closer to 3 1/2" square, but the limitations of what my table saw blade would cut prevented it. 

I built a tapering jig that would help me get all sides of the posts cut at the same angle. That was the key to making this look excellent...consistency. I went with about a 5 degree angle, and I had it cut about 7 1/2 inches up from the ground, so that only part of the leg was angled. 

Rebecca and I love how it turned out. Do you favor this style, or prefer a different one?