Anne Marie Starts Preschool

Today was Anne Marie's first day of 3 year old Preschool. She was so excited!

For two years, she has been looking forward to being big enough to go to school.
Alan attended St. Mark's Preschool for two years and now it is Anne Marie's turn!

Due to Alan and me starting our day a little earlier than others, I didn't get to see her and get her dressed this morning. Her daddy did a wonderful job getting her ready for her big day! Our babysitter is such a wonderful woman! She brought my little Anne Marie to me at school so I could give her a kiss and hug before she headed to preschool.

Today was a big day for her and she had a great time.
Her report of her first day included:

  • reading a book
  • playing with blocks
  • going to the playground
  • eating cookies for snack

I am looking forward to watching her growth and hearing how much she learns this year!