Announcing the Ulrich Three

We are so ecstatic to announce that we will be welcoming our third little Ulrich in April 2016!

Our first appointment with Dr. Sullivan-Ford yesterday at East Lakeland OB-GYN was such a relief. We have had a positive pregnancy test result for nearly a month now, and have been hesitant to spread the news until we were able to see that 1- there was a baby and 2- the baby was in the right place. The doctor gave us confirmation on both of those things!

We have a due date of April 2, 2016, and have seen a healthy heartbeat! My next appointment is in 3 weeks, and we will be able to actually hear the heartbeat then. We are continuing to pray for another healthy and uneventful pregnancy, as well as another healthy baby.

Alan and Anne Marie are very excited, as well. They have differing opinions of what the gender is, but each have offered to have the baby sleep in their room. Alan even offered his BED! He said, "If it is a boy, he can sleep in my bed. I will sleep on a pallet."

We will talk about sharing rooms later, but they know that when the baby is really little, he or she will be in the third bedroom (our office). Now, all we need is to move the desk out and move the crib in! And build another barn door! My rocker and Anne Marie's old white dresser moved into that room last summer in hopes that we would be able to use them for this purpose in the near future.

We had to wait a little longer than anticipated, but are extremely blessed to have been given this opportunity again! Is it bad that I am excited to unpack my maternity clothes?!?