Cookies, Popcorn or Soups

 School is going great for Alan and Anne Marie.

They have both started learning so much already. Alan is so happy to tell me each day what he did and what he learned. I love it. Mornings are a little slow going for Alan, but he loves getting to snuggle with Daddy for a few minutes after breakfast while I am getting his lunch finished and packed up. He took his first test as a class with our school interventionist, as well. I inquired quickly to see how he did and was given a good report. I look forward to seeing a detailed report of where he is at the beginning of Kindergarten and seeing how much he grows this year. 

Anne Marie is doing wonderful in her preschool her class. Her teacher is helping her understand that independence is great, but that there are certain routines that will be observed. Anne Marie is independent, cough cough, and would just get up and go wash her hands when she felt the need last week.   

Can you help Alan meet his fundraiser goal?

He is on a mission, as you can see here.  

We have had great success with a couple of close friends and some family members, but Alan isn't satisfied yet. He told me today he "wants to sell 100" items. He also added, "It doesn't matter if you don't want cookies. You can buy popcorn or soup."  

The money being raised will be used by the PTO to help provide different resources throughout the year.  

The soup packs serve 6 and cost $16. The flavors available are: gumbo, taco soup, chicken enchilada, baked potato or three cheese garlic biscuits.  

These cookie packages are all $16 each with 17 lbs of 48 cookies and come frozen with a year life staying frozen. There are many different types of cookies available. You can choose between: Classic chocolate chunk, peanut butter, m&m chocolate chunk, chocolate chunk pecan, cinnamon oatmeal raisin, lemon sugar, white chip macadamia nut, Reese's chocolate peanut butter or snicker doodle. Alan says, "It's ok if you can't decide. You can buy more than one!" 

Popcorn bags are 1 gallon in size and are served in a resealable bag. The flavors are: double chocolate drizzle, caramel corn, birthday cake, kettle corn, Chicago, cheddar cheese, peanut butter double chocolate, jalapeño cheddar, movie theater, buffalo spice, cinnamon toast and white cheddar cheese. 

We have another week to collect money, so just let me know if you are interested. I have a little boy who would love for you to order so he can go to a restaurant for lunch!  

Family time in the evenings have moved outside.

With our freshly paved road (I don't think Bruce has blogged about that, but it is simply wonderful!), the kids have really enjoyed riding their bikes after dinner. Recently, we have enjoyed spending time outside as the weather has been so pleasant. We used to spend early evening in our front yard or back yard at our old house, and we are thrilled to be able to settle back into that routine.  It makes all of us so happy! After bike rides, the kids squeal with delight while they are chased, spun around or driven like a wheelbarrow by Daddy.