Little Alan Grows Up

Yesterday, I wrote about how Alan acted seeing his Kindergarten teacher for the first time. You can take a look at that post here.

This morning got off to a timid start, but Alan got more and more excited as the minutes passed. As you can see below, he seems not too sure about this school thing.

What Alan didn't know, was that something so simple as registering him last spring, would throw mommy for a loop. Not an emotional, blubbering mess loop. A scattered and uneasy loop.  It all came down to one question: "How do I do this?"

I was able to walk him to class with the help of a great team of teachers that kept an eye on my classroom and students for a few minutes. I expected to be gone a little longer than I was, but all I helped with was getting his snack out of his lunch box and into the class snack bin .  After I finished working out what went where, he walked his little self into his classroom. I was able to get a kiss and hug, but after what seemed like nanoseconds, he was inside. Like a Kindergartener. 

I got to sneak a peek at him a couple of other times throughout the day, as well. He was doing so well to stand in the hallway while his teacher waited to move forward when she took them on a tour of the cafeteria. My class was in line at lunch during this Alan Sighting. A few of my students noticed what was happening and seemed quite amused at seeing me watch him. I hope that this works in my favor as this year is off to a new start. 

My second Alan Sighting was staged. I admit it. I intruded on his lunch. I was coaxed into it thanks to another wonderful colleague who saw his class walking in to the cafeteria this time to actually eat. I didn't hesitate. I took the brief time away from my students to take a quick restroom break as well. When I got to the cafeteria, he had already opened his yogurt covered raisins and was eating. Just like he does at home. It was surreal. He was not at all interested in me or what I was doing there. He was completely at ease. This made me so glad. I was able to go back and really plug into my classroom again. 

Alan Sighting  number  three occurred at dismissal. It was hot and he was not amused that he had to stay outside with mommy until all students were safely and appropriately placed on a school bus. Not Amused At All. He pushed through by showing me his take home folder with a smile for today and eating the starburst candy that Daddy put in his lunch box for an after school treat. I still can't believe it wasn't devoured at lunch. 

He ended the day in my classroom playing and drawing and helping me put away 20 sets of notecards and post-it notes. Upon finishing this, he continued building designs with my pattern blocks. While he was arranging them, he told me, "Mommy, I want to go to my class by myself. I know where it is. It has a tent on it. "   

What did you just say? I can't have just heard what I think I heard!  

Yes. He said what I think he did. I was too shocked to ask for clarification. I am going to assume that he had such a great day and loves his teacher so much that he wanted to go back to her room while I stayed in my room. There is no way  he could have been telling me that he wanted to walk to class tomorrow by himself. No. That can't be what he meant, right?


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