Alan's first Meet the Teacher Night

I've never featured guest posts on my blog, and I thought it was high time that I did. My lovely wife, Rebecca, wanted to write a quick post about our son, Alan, and his first experiences starting kindergarten. It is short and sweet, but I hope it makes her want to write more. 

Alan met his Kindergarten teacher tonight! So thankful for Mrs. Rowan for being flexible and letting me be Mommy and Mrs. Ulrich at the same event.

Daddy came to meet us after work to come meet Alan's teacher. He had a good time sorting his school supplies and finding his seat. He came away with a balloon and starburst candies! When I opened his folder, along with information about her class, Mrs. Rowan sent home magic sprinkles to help him sleep! I know how that sounds. No... I didn't dissolve them in his dinner. The instructions were to sprinkle some of them under his pillow. He giggled so much when I told him, "Mrs. Rowan said she is going to sprinkle some under her pillow too,  because she is so excited to see you." He is super excited and says he's ready to be big enough to be in my class.

I hope to get a picture of him tomorrow morning when I take him to his class. I can't wait to ask him how his first day was.