Starting a Bed

Tonight, I started another project. Yes, another one. I know, it seems like I start a lot of projects, and you're right, I do. 

Anne Marie has needed a bed for a while, and I am making her one. 

Rebecca wants it to be made out of pallet wood, so I am complying. Tonight, I took all of the previously reclaimed pallet wood boards that were similar thickness and removed all of the nails. This consisted of using anail punch to back out pretty much just the head of the nail, since I had cut the nails with the sawzall a few weeks ago. 

I think I have enough to make the majority of the headboard now. I just have to figure out what I want to use for the side and rails. I think I want to just build the platform, rather than having to purchase a metal frame for the bed. I'm not for sure on that yet though. 

Anyway, you should see more updates on that in the coming weeks. 

Until next time...