Touch A Truck

For the second year in a row, the Junion League of Jackson put on an event called Touch A Truck. They gather together all kinds of heavy equipment in one place, and all of the kids get to climb on each of them, explore all of the different things about them and even honk the horns of the vehicles.

We arrived early, and had the strategy of going to the rear of the area first, and working our way back toward the front. The thinking in this was that most people will have stopped at the first trucks and pieces of equipment that the kids saw, therefore, those lines would be longer. Well, we got distracted at first, but we got back on track eventually. 

After sitting in a helicopter, some Army vehicles, semis and dirt working equipment, we moved on to the main event; snowcones! I don't know that Anne Marie has ever had a snowcone. I know, bad parents, right?

Toward the end of our time there, we stood in line to have the kids operate some mini track hoes. Just then, we hear the helicopter start up and take off...quickly. They must have been called to an accident or something, as it was the air med-evac team. Anne Marie burst into tears, because that was her favorite thing. She just couldn't bear to see the helicopter leave.

Now, they can both talk about Touch A Truck for 364 days until the next one.