Table Your Thoughts

I'm looking for some opinions out there. I'm building a kitchen table, and while it is similar to some rustic farmhouse ones you've probably seen out there, I'm modifying parts of it to make it unique. This one is not going to look quite as rustic as some of the others I've seen.

Picture this're viewing the table from one of the ends. It is not quite a pedestal table, but not quite a four post table either. It is kind of a hybrid. 

So, what I want your opinion on is the beam that will be just under the table top. It will not be seen much, as it will nest about an inch from the outside edge of the table top. 

It is kind of difficult to tell from these photos. Zoom in if you are able to. NOTE: the beam will go all of the way across the "top" of what you're saying here, and will sit just below the actual table top. I am just using a scrap to make sure I know what I like before proceeding. 

The two options are as follows:

1. 10 degree anglen on the beam. This is what the legs are angled at, and I wonder if it will look good to have the ends of this beam to have that same angle, but going in the opposite direction. 

2. 90 degrees. This would be perpendicular to the ground. I think this would look good as well, but I just am not sure. 

So, comment below with the number of your choosing and why you chose that one. 

Bruce A. UlrichComment